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Changing the Field of Play--Athletes in the Workforce
Seminar Overview
The seminar which transitions college athletes from the playing field

To the working world
 Dave Bontempo

We teach graduating college athletes to:


  • Learn to Maximize the advantages a college athletic career brings to the corporate world.
  • Identify the assets of the college athlete which differentiate them from non-athletic graduates.
  • Utilize those assets and create a personal marketing campaign for their job search.  A skill that will benefit the attendee their entire career.
  • Develop a personal job search plan to help the college athlete to refine their career options and target the industry, sector and employers that match their objective.
  • Create powerful, attention catching resumes incorporating the college athletes' distinct advantages.
  • Prepare for the interview and learn techniques that will help them be ready for anything.  Learn how to articulate their competitive advantage to the potential employer.
  • Communicate effectively in writing and in the spoken word during the interview process.
  • Network by utilizing technology for purposes of the job search that will help your student athletes get noticed in a competitive world.
"Changing the Field of Play--Athletes in the Workforce" offers proven techniques that will help the graduating student athlete to strategize and execute their own effective job search campaign.  The seminar will help them understand the non-tangible assets they possess and how to utilize them to their advantage in a competitive job market.  Give your athletes the graduation gift that will help them transition from the playing field to the corporate boardroom.  Together, we can coach them to future success!
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